Meals out with a difference in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas goes the saying and it is incredibly true when it comes to the bounty of delicious food that is available all across the strip and beyond. We have collected together some of our favourite spots to eat when visiting the City of Sin.

Breakfast fare: Egg & I

In America, breakfast is easily one of the most popular, and often largest, meals of the day. The family-run restaurant of Egg & I is no exception when it comes to piling platters high with all sorts of breakfast delights. Located slightly off the Las Vegas Strip there is ample parking and is a fairly short Uber ride from many of the big hotels. What makes this particularly breakfast joint stand out from the rest are its banana nut muffin and bread, that has a reputation for being one of the most morish breakfast treats out there!


Something for everyone: Feast Around the World Buffet

It wouldn’t be a trip to Vegas if you didn’t take advantage of one of the cities many buffets. With so many to choose from we landed on the delights featured at Feast round the World because of the huge variety of made to order items that you can choose from in addition to the usual buffet delights. Start your meal off with a fresh salad from the ample salad bar and then decide what station to head to first. Perhaps a spot of Mongolian barbecue will followed by crabs leg from the carver station or build your own Italian dish by selecting the pasta, sauce and filing of your choice. Don’t forget to leave space for the available deserts and/or a made to order milkshake!

Dinner with a difference: Back out: Dining in the dark

Never mind trying to snap the perfect instagram snap of your meal, how would you feel about sitting down for a mystery meal where not only do you not know what is on the menu, but you can’t see it either?  A dinner in complete darkness is the concept behind Black Out. Diners are given in an introduction to the concept prior to entering the pitch dark dining room and are then divested of any light emitting objects such as phones or watches, which are stored in secure lockers for the duration of the meal.  Trained staff lead diners to their tables and are on hand to help people to the restrooms or with any questison. The philosophy behind dining in the dark is the with the loss of one sense all others are heightened leading to a sensory experience like no other. The meal is entirely plant based and changes frequently.

Something Sweet: Cookie bar food truck

Food trucks can be al little like the A-team. It’s not that they have broken out of a maximum security prison but more so the finding them part. Not being tied down to a specific location means that you never know what amazing street food you may stumble across.when it comes to sinfully good sweet treats in Las Vegas, keep your eyes peeled for the dinky fleet of Cookie Bar Food Trucks the serve up cookies, rice krispy treats and more with a deliciously boozy twist!  Your granny’s cookies these are not (unless granny was known for adding copious amounts of vodka or limoncello to her batter).  YUM!!

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