Unusual and out of the ordinary things to do in  Hong Kong

Over 58 million people visited Hong Kong last year. The city bills itself as a metropolis of an entertainment hub with no shortage of interesting things to see and do. A wonderful fusion of western and eastern cultures, there is no place on earth quite like this bustling city where people work hard and play even harder.

Tourists to the former British Territory have no shortage of amazing sights and activities to choose from, such as taking in the iconic Hong Kong skyline onboard a star ferry or meeting the resident giant pandas of Ocean Park. But if you are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary and indicative of the more unusual aspects of Hong Kong culture some of these alternative attractions may be right up your street!

Catch your own meal

At HA Cube patrons are able to fish for their meal in a giant indoor tank that contains shrimp and lobster. Whatever you have caught is then promptly barbecued up for you to eat! Perhaps not the most vegetarian friendly of places but it is ideal for those who want to look their meal in the eye before eating!

Noah’s Ark

For a day out that has to be seen to be believed take a visit to Noah’s Ark on the Hong Kong Water front. A replica arc has been constructed to what the company say is the biblical standard f the Arc in the bible. Visitors can also take in a Solar tower, sweet garden and a native Hong Kong Garden amongst other exhibits. Be aware that the park, as you can probably imagine, is biblical themed.

Smash things

At Ikari Area you can take a break from the stress of everyday life by being let loose in a room full of oldelectrical equipment with your very own baseball bat! Yes, this particular attraction allows you to enter a room for 15 or 30 minutes and smash everything you see to smithereens. Safety gear is provided and friends can watch your smash and bash spree via video cameras from the room next door. Truly fun for all the family!

Glamping with a difference

Enjoy a night, in comfort, under the stars at Mingle Farms. Visitors can spend the night in an inflatable igloo type structure that has a transparent roof to allow you to watch the stars pass overhead as you snuggle up to your sweetie. If you are bringing the kids along why not spend the night in a giant inflatable mushroom or rainbow house!

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