The best ways to get around New York City

New York City, A.K.A the city that never sleeps, has been drawing visitors to its skyscraper clad avenues for decades. With so much packed into the 22 square miles that is the island of Manhattan, plus the going on’s of the surrounding boroughs, it is easy to see why this its is a bucket list destination for many travellers. Once you arrive you will quickly notice that everyone seem to be going somewhere and usually in quite a hurry! There are all sorts of ways to get around the bustling metropolis to take the best snaps.

  • Shanks’s Pony

For shorter distances getting around on foot is absolutely the best way to experience the city. Unlike many American cities, New York is incredibly walkable and the streets are always bustling with people. Walking the length of a street, which runs horizontally along the island, or part of an avenue, which runs vertically down the island,  is a wonderful way to experience the variety of neighbourhoods that make up the city. Within a 10 block radius you can experience everything from designer stores to Ethiopian street food. A word of advice though, New Yorkers don’t like to bekept waiting so keep a brisk pace or move to the side so people can get by!

  • Yellow Cabs

The movies aren’t lying when they show scores of yellow taxis streaming through the city, cabs are literally everywhere in Manhattan. The cost of taxis can easily and quickly add up so we don’t recommend taking cabs everywhere you go, the cabs are meters too so it is wise to avoid them if you are travelling in rush hour traffic.


  • Subway

The majority of New Yorkers get around via the extensive subway system and if you want to explore theboroughs of the city this will be the quickest option. The System can seem intimidating at first but you may be surprised how quickly you get used to it. Take a look at the MTA maps before you travel so you know where you are headed. Rush hour can pack station s and trains so avoid riding at oak times if you don’t want to feel flustered

  • Hop on and hop off buses

Open-topped sight seeing buses are a common sight in the City and most of them all passengers to hop on and hop off the buses. Taking a trip on one of the buses will not only give you an insight into the history of the city but also give you the lay of the land and an understanding of how the different areas are laid out.

New York City is a relatively easy destination to fly into with no shortage of airlines servicing the city. The three most common airports to fly into are Newark (which is actually in New Jersey), JFK and La Guardia (most commonly used for domestic flights). As it is such a popular destination you can usually find flights for a good price. Our top tip is to book your flight at least 6 weeks out to get the best deals. 

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