Austria Ski Trip

White Church with Austrian Alps snowy mountains in the background

I recently ticked another item from my bucket list. A Snow filled – and fall filled – Ski holiday to Austria. The flight over was uneventful, thankfully. But that’s the last time there was any lack of excitement. Driving up the winding Austrian roads of St. Anton am Arlberg. Navigating our way to the Tyrolean Alps was a journey of a lifetime! I couldn’t help but stop along the way and soak up the beautiful Arlberg ski region.

This region is often dubbed the “cradle of alpine skiing” for it’s long standing history with the sport. Now i am by no means an adept Skier, which is why i chose to book a Chalet Hotel Rosanna. This Mark Warner package holiday was ideal for me, there were plenty of instructors available to help me out!


Here are my top 3 highlights of the trip

Skiing and Snowboarding

learning to ski was so rewarding. It required so much patience from both me and my instructor but there was never any pressure and it was really relaxing. My first solo ski down the beginners slope was after only a day of practicing. I might just be a natural … Snowboarding on the other hand. It required a lot of balance and attention. It was pretty difficult, but that might have been something to do with my hangover!

Dining with a view

Dining alp side was one of the most surreal moments of the whole trip. The fantastic food was overshadowed by the beauty that mother nature had bestowed upon us. It is so hard to believe that these mountains which can have such devastating potential hide beneath the tranquil facade. Seeing so many smiling faces just reassures me that there is nothing better than spending time with those you love in nature. The mountain faces comfort you as if you in a blanket of snow. This giant white sheet which surrounds the valley housing the wooden villages which brew up the best Glühwein, the Austrian version of mulled wine!

Mountain top sauna

I found myself sweating atop a mountain of snow. Sitting with fleeting views that feel like they only come once in a lifetime. In what must have been 70 degrees or warmer. This is a must.

Mountain top with fog


These memories will stay with me forever and another snowy mountain top, fall filled holiday is on the cards for next year. Have you been on any winter holidays, if so where? I would love to chat about where my next one should be!

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