Places for Film Lovers in Paris

Ah Paris the city of the love or should that be city of film? Paris has been the scene of many brilliant movies and scenes. Let’s start things off with iconic film locations.

  1. Ratatouille

Pixar’s Ratatouille is an extraordinary animated film set in Paris and is based around an enthusiastic and energetic rat who wants to pursue his dream of becoming a chef after reading a famous French chef’s book.  If you have viewed this film you can actually visit the restaurant in Paris which is La Tour d’Argent, however, it is well known to be one of the most expensive restaurants in the city so do be very careful with what you order.

  1. Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 is the third instalment of the buddy cop action/ comedy films and stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Rush Hour 3 has some scenes in which where filmed upon Parisian streets and you can visit some of these in Paris. Arguably the most notable scene in the film takes place at the Eiffel Tower at the Jules Verne restaurant. This is when we see Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan escape using a parachute aka the French flag to glide down to a water basin which is part of Trocodero and is well worth a visit and from the Plantard de Trocodero.

  1. Amélie

Amelie is a French romance/ comedy film which is set in Paris, it tells the story of a shy waitress played by Audrey Tatou who decides to change the lives of the people around her for the better, despite her own isolation. The café in which Amelie works is Café Des 2 Moulins. This charming café also offers fresh food and great coffee so this café offers two benefits and is a must if you are a fan of Amelie.

  1. Midnight In Paris

Midnight In Paris is a fantasy/ comedy film. Set in Paris this iconic film follows Gil Pender. Throughout the course of the film, this fictitious screenwriter is forced to meet the demands of his materialistic fiancée and together with their divergent goals, which becomes increasingly exaggerated and over the top as he travels back in time each night at midnight hence the name.

This film has many stunning locations in which you can visit in Paris. The first is Monet’s Garden, just an hour from Paris these gardens are beautiful to visit with pretty flowers and picturesque views.  Pont Alexandre III is the bridge in which connects the Champs- Elysees quarter with the Eiffel Tower quarter.

  1. Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia is a comedy/drama film. The film follows the life of Julia in the early years of her career as a chef and Julie. There are many different film locations in which you can easy visit in Paris. Here are a few locations which are easily accessible.


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